Our B.I.G. story

Since our founding in 1959, we have continuously built on our future.

True to our roots as a family business, our employees, innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our activities.

Our purpose

Shaping sustainable living, together

People's living choices heavily impact the world around us and we want to make sure they have enough sustainable options to choose from. Even more, we want to make the sustainable choice the easy choice. This purpose will help us to maintain focus going forward and will be the glue to unify our international teams.

Our mission

Enhancing how every generation lives and works

As a global family business, Beaulieu International Group develops and co-creates - in an innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable way - flooring and material solutions to enhance the quality of living and working for every generation.

Our history

To trace B.I.G.’s origins, we have to go to back 1959, when we diversified our business from flax cultivation into textiles.

The company has experienced solid expansion in the last decade, driven by autonomous growth and a number of strategic acquisitions.

More than 60 years later, we are a seasoned, privately-owned industrial group and a global player in flooring and material solutions.

Today, B.I.G. is headquartered in Belgium and employs over 4.700 people worldwide. We have production sites across Eurasia, America and Oceania and serve customers in 150 countries


The beginning


Roger De Clerck founded Ter Lembeek in Wielsbeke.
The company manufactures upholstery fabrics
in the beginning often produced by home weavers.

The name


The name "Beaulieu" is born during a visit to an exhibition at Ayre-sur-Lys in northern France. An exhibition about the Lys, the river in which flax is rotted. The Leie flows out of the town through the famous "Beaulieu" gate, thus establishing a link with the region's glorious flax past.

Oscar of the Export


Roger De Clerck received the "Oscar for the export industry" from the hands of the then His Royal Highness Prince Albert, Deputy Prime Minister Willy De Clerck and State Secretary André Kempinaire.

Division of the business


Roger De Clerck and his 6 children divide the enterprise in 6 smaller groups.

Becoming one Group


4 of the groups reunite as Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.)



The company has experienced solid expansion in the last decade, driven by autonomous growth and a number of strategic acquisitions.

HQ at Waregem


Beaulieu International Group's headquarters are in Waregem, Belgium. In 2020, the company moved its international headquarters to a new office complex overlooking the E17 highway intersection with Waregem.

Third Generation


With Caroline De Clerck becoming a Board member, the third generation is at the helm of Beaulieu International Group.


Our organisation