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A job at B.I.G. is a chance to become part of a global company with development opportunities around every corner.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability are the basic ingredients to build a better future for our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and for society.


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Do you want to become part of the B.I.G. family? Beaulieu International Group offers challenging jobs in various areas of expertise that bring out the best in everyone: production, HR, sales & marketing, engineering, IT, purchase & supply chain, finance and more.

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With our training courses we raise awareness about sustainability, both individually and collectively.

Vincent Peirsegaele
Academy Coach, BerryAlloc

Every finished product we bring to market, we take back ourselves at some point.

Johan Pauwels
Operations Manager LVT, BerryAlloc

We are doing a lot to engage and inspire our employees and their families to encourage a sustainable way of living.

Semen Perelomov-Tsoy & Yana Yakovenko
Chief Technical Officer & Head of HSE Service, Cushion Vinyl Russia

We are trying to ensure our materials contain 25% recycled content and we hope to bring that to 50% in the near future.

Remy Bataille
Designer Draftsman, Distriplast

The use of renewable energy sources benefits B.I.G. because it makes us less dependent on the energy market.

Quincy Nollet
Technology Engineer, Beaulieu Fibres International

Each and every one of us will participate in reshaping our business, by rethinking, designing, implementing or supporting more sustainable solutions. 

Clara Carelli
Group Sustainability Director

We are B.I.G.!

What makes us B.I.G.?


By encouraging the engaging, ambitious and progress-oriented attitudes of our employees, we try to create a stimulating, responsible environment that puts open communication and creativity central. This mentality has allowed B.I.G. to become an industry-leading player.


B.I.G. is a strong advocate of social responsibility. Long-term investments and sustainability are at the heart of our daily activities. Our main driver: finding solutions that meet the needs of our clients, while at the same time, contributing to a healthier planet and a better world.


Innovation is deeply embedded in all of B.I.G.’s segments. This is not only reflected in our R&D division, which includes over 100 employees (35 of whom work on cross-divisional, long-term projects), but has been embraced by all B.I.G. employees and has thus become part of our company’s DNA.

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