Beaulieu International Group launches new website for its upholstery fabrics, Tessutica (formerly Beaulieu Fabrics and Ragolle)

Waregem, Belgium – July 10, 2019 – Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) has 29 plants all over the world and manufactures a wide range of products that include floor coverings, engineered products, polymers and fabrics. Its fabrics business, Tessutica, now boasts an all-new website with high-quality photography that brings the fabric quality to life-like reality.


Karl Henderson, General Manager Tessutica, says: “Tessutica is the story of two renowned fabrics brands joining under one roof – Beaulieu Fabrics and Ragolle. We design and produce upholstery, pillow fabrics and tailor-made products for the contract, curtain, outdoor and caravan industries, to name but a few.” 

Tessutica’s location in Waregem, Belgium is not a coincidence. For centuries, the wider region around the city has enjoyed a world-wide reputation in premium textiles. “Our background is one with deep roots,” adds Mr. Henderson, “and by combining an age-old expertise in design and market knowledge with the latest technologies, we are confident we can put out an offering that is unparalleled in terms of quality and service.” 

Tessutica has two full-time design teams and recently moved to a newly constructed office in Waregem, at a stone’s throw from the E17 highway that connects the port of Antwerp to the French metropolis of Lille. In addition, Tessutica has a production plant in Romania. 


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