Discover Elevate, our new portfolio for circular polypropylene solutions!


We are proud to introduce Elevate, the new portfolio under which all our circular polypropylene solutions will be launched. The Elevate solutions enable our partners to reduce their environmental impact by diverting plastics and other materials from landfills and incinerators through various forms of recycling, all without compromising on quality.

Divided into three product groups

Our Elevate portfolio is divided into three distinct subcategories, each representing a different form of a recycling process.

Elevate Exist: This solution uses circular bio-attributed materials, such as used cooking oil. The Exist products have technical properties equivalent to current fossil-based materials but offer a significantly lower carbon footprint because they are derived from bio-attributed sources.

Elevate Extract: Through an advanced chemical process, plastic waste is broken down at the molecular level. From this point, the polypropylene can be reconstituted into polypropylene of the highest quality, chemically indistinguishable from polypropylene derived from fossil fuels.

Elevate Extend: This solution incorporates a desired percentage of mechanically reprocessed post-consumer polypropylene waste into our polypropylene. This not only extends the lifespan of plastics but also reduces the volume of plastic waste and the demand for new plastic.

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Strategic partnerships

These new solutions are a significant step towards a more sustainable future. Our polypropylene manufacturers, Pinnacle Polymers (US) and Polychim (France), offer our partners the opportunity to improve their environmental performance without sacrificing the quality of their products.

By rethinking waste and leveraging innovative recycling techniques, Elevate positions our partners at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing.

Let’s shape sustainable living, together.

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