As a vertically integrated company, Beaulieu International Group is not only active in the production of floor coverings and fabrics, but has established itself as a strong player in the chemical supply chain as well. Using derivatives from the petrochemical industry, raw materials are produced for the Group’s own production activities and for sale to other companies. 



Initially, propylene is transformed into polypropylene granules by a polymerisation process.

These can then be converted into fibres, yarns, technical textiles, injection applications and compounding for technical parts.


Pinnacle Polymers

Pinnacle Polymers, located in Louisiana (USA), can produce in excess of one billion pounds of polypropylene per year. Pinnacle's homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers are all proven performers. Markets include injection molding, fibres and extrusion.

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Polychim Industrie

Polychim Industrie is a polypropylene producer. Located in Dunkirk, North of France, Polychim has been specializing in the production of homopolymer polypropylene since its start up in 1990. Polychim PP has a wide variety of applications including BCF yarn, fibre, stretched tape, carpet backing and adhesive tapes. In addition to extrusion and compounding, Polychim PP can also be used in the injection of moulded pieces for such items as food containers, cosmetic boxes, jars and bottles, or garden furniture.

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Other Solutions


Engineered Solutions

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Flooring Solutions

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