Engineered Products

Engineered Products has a broad range of products for a number of applications.

It includes 'Engineered Products' (Fibres, Yarns & Technical Textiles) and 'Technical Sheets'.

Engineered products

The ‘Engineered Products’ Business Unit has a broad range of products for a wide number of applications. It includes the following divisions:


Beaulieu Fibres

Beaulieu Fibres International has been an important player in the polypropylene (PP) market ever since it was created in 1981. As the largest European polypropylene staple fibre supplier with a broad product portfolio, the company delivers to many different industries such as automotive, flooring, geotextiles, hygiene, technical applications, etc.

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Beaulieu Yarns

A leading supplier of high-quality yarns, Beaulieu was the first manufacturer in the world to make synthetic yarns (almost 40 years ago). Ever since then, the company has continued to co-develop new products with customers.
Veterans maybe, but experts for sure, Beaulieu is very much in touch with today’s market trends and challenges. As a result, it continues to push the boundaries, set new standards and explore new markets.

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Technical Textiles

Combining a pioneering spirit with hands-on expertise, Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) is an established leader and driving force in the global market of technical textiles. Its dedicated line up of benchmark products has been engineered to deliver a tailored and high-tech response to present and future trends and demands. The result? A range of solutions of exceptional quality and durability.
BTT represents the cutting edge in the customer-oriented and market-specific production of polymer textiles. Its name has become a reference in the fields of carpet backings, agrotextiles, geotextiles, packaging and building textiles.
Covering different markets and applications, BTT remains true to its creed of: Envisioning Solutions. Vouching for Quality.

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Technical sheets

Beaulieu International Group is also manufacturing polypropylene corrugated sheets that are highly customisable and 100% recyclable.



Founded in 1994 and now a leading European producer, Distriplast is focused on the manufacture of polypropylene (PP) corrugated sheets. The sheets are commercialised under the name Diplast.

Continuous investments in product quality ensure the polypropylene sheets meet the highest ISO certifications. This guarantees a variable use in different applications, like signage, protection, packaging, building, converting and many more.

Apart from the flexibility in usage, Distriplast also believes in customisation. As a result, polypropylene sheets can be adapted for size, thickness (starting from 1.5 mm up to 10 mm), density, compound specifications and colours, as the client desires.

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Other Solutions



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Flooring Solutions

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